Thursday, March 3, 2011

NYC Grub

Last weekend we took a short overnight trip to New York City. It's been 6 months since we moved from there...and we have been missing the city's food ever since we left. We stopped by a few of our favorite spots, as well as some new places we have never checked out before.

In a city like NYC the restaurant scene can be rather overwhelming. We highly suggest that the next time you are in town that you check out our favorite old (and new) places to grab some grub!

Our first stop on our food adventure is downtown for banh mi sandwiches. Never heard of banh mi? Well, don't feel bad. It is rather new to us as well. We tried it for the first time last winter when my friend was visiting us. She had them before and told us about the best place in the city for them. All I have to say is OH MY GOD! Half of the items in it I'm not even sure what they are...but I don't care. It is so amazingly yummy! They actually have a sign inside stating everything that is inside it. The sandwiches are what many call Vietnamese hoagies. They are filled with veggies & pork items...and are on delicious, crunchy bread. The bread really does make the sandwich. We don't fool around...we get the #1 (the house special...and we like it SPICY!). The most insane thing is that 2 huge foot long hoagies only cost $8.50! You can't beat that!

banh mi sandwiches from Saigon
Located at: Broome Street near Mott.
 (note: I took these sandwich photos over the summer...forgot to snap some when we were there last weekend)

The banh mi doesn't stand a chance against Chris's mouth.

Stop two on our food tour was to Eataly. We have been reading about this Mario Batali marketplace/restaruant for some time now. We actually ended up moving just before they opened so this was our first time there.

The building was absolutely beautiful. The food looked fantastic. Everything was in their own sections (meat and cheese, bread, pizza, fish, dessert, pasta...). What we thought was crazy was the fact that we were there at 3pm on a Friday afternoon and it was SO JAM PACKED! People were waiting in line to get into all of the restaurants. I thought it was fun to see...but 1) we were still full from our banh mi sandwiches, and 2) we weren't in the mood to stand in line. But if you are in town, you really should stop on by just to check it out!

Eataly is located at 200 5th Avenue (at 23rd Street...across the street from Madison Square Park)

Our third must stop on our food tour was a new spot for us. We were meeting up with a good friend and she suggested this Thai bar/restaurant that was right near our hotel and her work called: Room Service. When we were there I ordered the best drink of my life. life!

I ordered a (2) key lime pie martini. It was SO GOOD that Chris had to order one as well. I have always been a huge fan of this drink...but what made this one stand apart from others was the fact that they topped it with PIE CRUMBS! DELICIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm sure that the next time we go to NYC we'll be going there for dinner. We would have stayed for a meal, but we already had dinner plans.
Room Service is located at 690 9th Avenue (by 47th Street)

Our fourth stop (our dinner stop where we met another good friend) was a restaurant near our old apartment in the East Village called: Sushi Lounge. We have been craving sushi since we moved. Besides the couple rolls I made here at home, we haven't eated sushi in 6 months...which is insane! Yeah we have sushi restaurants near our new apartment...but they are so pricey! When we ate at Sushi Lounge we ordered 10 rolls to share, edamame, and 2 pitchers of beer for only $80. $80 to stuff three people! Crazy!

Located at 132 St. Mark's Place (at the corner of Avenue A)

Our last stop for the evening was another old favorite---Pommes Frites. This place is soooooo delicious! Such a great place for a late night snack. What is so great about these french fries is that there is a HUGE LIST of dipping sauces to choose from. Chris decided on peppercorn mayo for us to dip in...and boy was that the right decision! Delicious!!!

One word of warning: all they serve is french fries...and when they sell out, they sell out. I went there one night (it wasn't even late) and they were ALL SOLD OUT!

Located at 123 2nd Ave. in the East Village.

We hope you enjoyed out food tour of NYC...and really hope that you check out these places the next time you are in town!!!

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  1. Time to take the plunge & visit New York city again. After seeing all these delicious eats & exciting pictures, I just want to take a mad trip & visit all these scrumptious eateries!