Saturday, February 5, 2011

*Welcome to Food on the Plate*

We're the married couple that had the food blog, Chris and Diane Do Dinner, a few years ago while living in New York City. Due to creative differences, and having only one square foot of cooking area in our apartment the blog was deleted in a fit of rage. But now...we have relocated to a large apartment in Pennsylvania with a kitchen that is so big we can even store our food processor (yay!). A string of tasty meals has inspired us to start up a new food blog, Food on the Plate. We look forward to sharing our recipes and food knowledge with our readers.


  1. SO CUTE!! Great apron, Diane! Is that from Anthropologie? They have awesome aprons! lol

  2. thanks kristen. i got it for christmas. i think my mom said it was from pier one.

  3. Yay! Looking forward to all the awesomeness you and the hubby are going to cook up.. So far, everything looks great.. and simple too. :)

    xx Love & Aloha